Sunshiners#01: Common Problems

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selfpublished black and white zine

In the end 2020 all bouldergyms closed and I heard about this public boulder spot build under the traintracks of Schiedam-station. Before that I started climbing in the local gym with paid timeslots of 1,5 hour, so I just climbed with the people already know.
With all the time we had under those traintracks I started to meet new people and it made clear that a free, public space where people can enjoy their freedom and time, there is another way of communicating. What started with sharing knowledge about climbing and sharing climbing equipment developed into discussions about politics, racism and capitalism. Over time this resulted in friendships with people of all ages, cultures and ideologies.

SUNSHINERS will be a project where I can enjoy making work about my local area and giving back to this environment.